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About Knee Booster - Short Video:

Knee Booster Leg Protector

★★Scope of application★★

The support knee pad is suitable for hiking, climbing mountain, the elderly, sports and so on, to protect your knee.

★★Adjustable ★★

The support knee pad’s can be adjusted according to your leg size freely. The magic sticker can tightly fixe the support knee pad on you knee and will not let your feel uncomfortable.

★★Spring supporter★★

The support knee pad is supported by the metal spring, which can effectively reduce the pressure on your knee. It is perfect for climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

★★Breathable ★★

The support knee pad adopts breathable fabric to provide you comfortable wearing experience. The support knee pad can be long time used without uncomfortable feeling.


The spring on the support knee pad can be easy detached with your hands, which is convenient to clean the support knee pad.


The box is comfortable, light and  high quality.

Real Results:

* Based on a retrospective systematic survey of BodyVAM users with knee osteoarthritis


91% - of users with knee osteoarthritis report reduced pain since using Knee Helper


84% - Up to 84% reduction in joint load across the Patellofemoral  joint of the knee


89% - Up to 89% reduction in joint load across the Tibiofemoral joint of the knee


93% - of users with knee osteoarthritis report improved mobility since using a Spring Loaded knee brace

Most Popular Questions

1. I have constant pain when I walk. Will these knee pads relieve the pain?

Answer: Definitly it will. This innovative knee brace dramatically reduces knee pain when walking or doing other activities that use joint knee muscles

2. Will knee Boosters fit under my clothing?

Answer: Yes. Knee Booster are carefully designed to sit comfortabaly against the skin underneath cloathing

3. Can Knee Boosters help with a meniscus tear?

Answer: Knee Booster are ideal for meniscus tear and will support the knee in a position to help prevent it from rotating too far in a unnatural direction.

4. Are Knee Boosters an option for Osteoarthritis?

Answer: Knee Booster are lightweight, easy-to-use braces that fit discreetly under clothing and are clinically proven to reduce Osteoarthritis

5. Is it ok to wear a knee brace all day?

Answer: Knee Booster can help you improve your posture and we recommend to wear it during activity. But we don't recommend wearing the Knee Booster in bed.

6. Will KneeBoosters fit my knee?

Answer: Yes. The One-Size-Fits-All design allows anyone to wear Knee Booster without worring about the size they bought online.

7. Where Can I buy Knee Boosters

Answer: We ship worldwide. Just order it here and we will handle it from there.

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